Episode 17

The Director's Cut

Correspondent Hasan Minhaj goes deep into the Daily Show's control room with two veterans: director Chuck O'Neil and associate director/ post production supervisor Paul Pennolino.

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Episode 16

Flight of the Humble Bee

Correspondent Samantha Bee bids farewell to The Daily Show alongside senior producer Miles Kahn, coordinating field producer Alison Camillo and writer Zhubin Parang. Sam and Miles share some of the best advice Jon ever gave them. Zhubin details how his obsession with Fox's The Five led to one of Sam's most memorable performances.

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Episode 15

Interview Prep-isode

Correspondent Aasif Mandvi is joined by senior researcher Adam Chodikoff, writer Daniel Radosh and Hillary Kun, co-executive producer and guest booker. How do Chodikoff and Radosh help Jon prepare for interviews with leading policy makers? What's been Hillary's biggest booking triumph? And finally, does Jon actually read the books?

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